Last Minute Labor Day Getaways in the Midwest

My favorite season is quickly approaching. Autumn is in the air and before you know it we'll all be bundled in our plaid scarves and fall boots. But first, one last hoorah! Labor Day weekend is upon us and I’m a huge proponent of taking advantage of long weekends. So I’ve put together some last minute day or weekend trips that require little-to-no planning. 

Road Trip

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Grab your friends, get in the car and go! The beauty of a road trip is that you don’t need to have a plan. Just pick a direction and find some cool places along the way. If you want a destination, then my pick would be Kansas City. Get tickets to a Royals game, do some shopping, and eat lots of BBQ.

Pro tip: Bring a map! Not everywhere you go has cell phone signal, you'll feel better knowing that you have a backup. 

Road trip essentials:


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Football is back and there are lots of college games happening this weekend. It’s the perfect opportunity to get out of town and go tailgating with your friends. Plus, there is no better place to be on game day than in a college town. The energy and charisma of the fans is an instant mood boost. Grab your friends and find the closest tailgate!

Tailgating Essentials: 

National Park

Badlands National Park

Badlands National Park

The beauty that are the National Parks located in the United States is extremely underrated. Exploring these natural wonders is so refreshing. It is the perfect way to get back in tune with your nature-loving side. Don’t forget to pack some hiking boots so that you can really explore the park as their meant to be.

Find the National Park nearest to you here.

National Park Essentials: 


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Living in the country near a small town always has me lusting over cities. Honestly, I’ll take any of them. I am not picky. But Chicago has such a fun vibe. Plus there are two great festivals happening this weekend that I would love to check out!

Jazz Festival

Great American Lobster Fest

Chicago Essentials:

Lake Day

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This one is so easy and a no brainer if you don’t want a whole weekend adventure. Grab the family and head to the lake. All you need are some towels, chairs and snacks. So easy!

Lake Day Essentials:

What are your plans for Labor Day weekend? 

Michael and I are headed on our second annual cousin's trip. I'll be posting lots of fun pictures from our destination!

Have a fun and safe Labor Day weekend!

xx, Dani

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