What It's Really Like To Sell On Poshmark

What It's Really Like To Sell On Poshmark


Updated 3.25.29

I've been selling clothes on Poshmark for over two years now. (You can check out my closet under @danithober.) After over two years of day to day interaction with the app and its users, I have some serious thoughts on this topic. As I've mentioned before, I'm on a quest to rid my life of debt. I need to pay $250k of debt by December 31, 2019. Ok, don't NEED to, but really fucking want to! It's all I think about, aka my current obsession. Part of my quest to paying off debt is discovering as many side hustles as I can. Which is where Poshmark comes in. 

So, how did I get started? A few years ago a friend of mine, Brooke, who happened to be working for me at The Boot Rack, asked why I didn't sell the slower moving inventory from the store on Poshmark. I had no idea what Poshmark even was. We had just had a bad experience selling items from the store on another platform apart from our own, so I had a bad taste in my mouth for something like this. Needless to say, I ignored her and went about my life.

A few weeks later I stumbled upon the So Money podcast and one of the first episodes I listened to was Farnoosh interviewing Hannah Ouimet. I was instantly intrigued because they were discussing Poshmark. It's like Poshmark was popping up everywhere. Hannah told Farnoosh that she has earned over $100,000 selling items on the app. Um, hello! If this wasn't a sign I don't know what is. I'll take $100,000!

You can listen to the podcast episode here.

Or you can read Hannah's story on Refinery29 here.

That instant I got to work and start posting items to Poshmark. I started with items from the store that we had low inventory on or were not good sellers for our area. That's when the sales started rolling in. (If I had only listened to Brooke I could have been doing this sooner!) 

After a while I started incorporating clothing from my own closet, my husband's and my sibling's. I will take anybody's clothes that they are trying to get rid of post them to Poshmark. (So much so that my office is getting hoarder vibes!)

If you're interested in Poshmark for selling or buying, when you download the app and sign up, use code DANITHOBER to receive a $5 credit to use on your first purchase. (I will also receive a $5 credit, so thank you!)

Along this journey there have been many ups and downs. Here is my experience:

What it's like to sell on Poshmark: 

  • Obviously the biggest upside to becoming a Poshmark seller is the money. Why else would you be doing this? Here are my stats:

    • Joined February 23, 2017

    • Sold 1,243 items.

    • Earned $29,535.

    • 347 available listings as of this post. (I normally try to keep at least 500 acive listings. I have been working on other projects so this number is lower.)

Even if it's an extra $10/week, isn't it worth it? Especially if you have debt to pay off. 

  • Now let's talk time. The thing about being a seller on any platform, especially Poshmark, is the time commitment. I have girlfriends that have listings on Poshmark and they maybe sell a few items a year. Which is great! That's still money in your pocket. Here are some of the things I've learned when it comes to time and selling on Poshmark:

    • You should share your own closet at least three times each day. I know that seems like a lot but it works. Luckily this can be easily done while watching tv or laying in bed at night. I schedule this into my work schedule.

    • You need to be adding new products daily. A realistic goal is to add 5-10 new items to your closet each day, or each day that you have time to do it. Pictures are the key to sales. Since the customer can't try it on, they're looking to you to provide an accurate description of the product and good photos. I mostly use my iPhone for this. White backgrounds are recommended for SEO purposes.

    • You should try to ship quickly. The last thing to consider about time and selling on Poshmark is that you have to ship these items once you sell something. So that means you need to package them up and bring them to the post office, or have the post office pick them up. The faster you ship, the happier your customers are and the better your ratings are. Make sure you figure this into your time commitment, because it can be an inconvenience when you don't go to the Post Office every day like I do.

  • The last thing you need to think about once you've made the commitment to sell on Poshmark is: your customers.

    • Customers can be demanding and rude at times, this isn't any different than working at an actual store.

      • If you've sold on Poshmark or have looked into it, you may have heard/read stories of customers making claims against you just so that they can return the item.

      • I've had a customer write rude comments on one of my listings because I wouldn't accept her offer.

      • They'll lowball you via the offer feature to the point of just plain offensiveness.

Those are just a few ways that customers can be annoying. The biggest thing to remember is, you want their money! It does take some thick skin from time to time, but luckily you don't have to deal with them in person.

Mostly, the people on Poshmark are amazing. They may have questions about your products, but wouldn't you if you were buying something knowing that you can't return it? 

One final thing to mention is the fees. As a seller, Poshmark takes 20% of your sales over $15. Anything under $15, they take $2.95. This is a big chunk of your money so make sure to price your items accordingly. 

At the end of the day, I've earned more than $12k every year via Poshmark. Hannah Ouimet has earned over $100k since she started. It's worth it to give it a shot! It takes time and energy but the end result could be thousands of dollars. Are you willing to let that kind of cash slip out of your fingers? 

Have you sold on Poshmark? What has your experience been like? Comment below and tell me! I love getting tips and advice. 

xx Dani

Products that I use to sell on Poshmark:

LIghtbox for photos

lint rollers

mini steamer

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