Finding the Inspiration Around You

Finding the Inspiration Around You

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I’ll be honest with you, this post started out as The Pajamas You Need This Holiday Season.


Let’s start from the beginning. A few weeks ago I asked my friends on Instagram if they wear pajamas every night. 81% of the people who responded (including me) said that they didn’t! Somewhere between being a child and growing up, only 19% of these people decided to conitnue to wear pajamas to bed.

It really got me thinking about why we spend so much time getting ready for the day, making sure we look presentable before we leave the house and then just winging it at night.

What if there is a fire and you have to run outside and all of your neighbors, the hot firefighters and the guy from the newspaper with his camera are all outside waiting for you? Is the image you want plastered on the front page of the local news you in a ratty t shirt from that junior high volleyball camp you went to and no pants?

Just food for thought.

Ok so what does any of this have to do with inspiration?

It came down to taking a sweet picture of me in my brand new pajamas! I got dressed, put on some makeup and headed to the bedroom, where pajamas belong.

Major flop. It was so tired. Who cares about my pajamas anyway? Honestly do I think that one blog post is going to make the world run out and buy pajamas? I should just get back to what I was doing and forget it.

Honestly I felt defeated. I live in rural Nebraska, on a farm. It’s November which means everything is brown and dead. How was I possibly supposed to take an interesting picture of my pajamas, let alone write an interesting blog post about them?

That’s when I remembered that I am the most ridiculous person that I know. My friends and family will back me up here. I have crazy ideas and wear crazy things so why should this scenario be any different.

I ran to my closet, added a few accessories to my pajama attire and thought where is the most ridiculous place that you can wear pajamas?

Lightbulb! Getting the eggs!

The point I am getting to here is that you have to utilize your surroundings. Take advantage of what you do have. I don’t live in NYC, my dream city, but I do live in Nebraska. This is an advantage! What can appear to be mundane and normal to you, is exciting and exotic so someone else. When I was in the Marine Corps I can’t tell you how many times I was told I’ve never met someone from Nebraska. It wasn’t exactly a compliment but I always felt unique after hearing it. Personally, I’ve never met somebody from Moscow, a place that I find a lot more exotic than Nebraska.

Bottom line: Find the beauty in your surroundings. We have the cutest chicken coop in our backyard which ended up being the best backdrop for my Desperate Housewives-esque photo.

Instead of thinking negatively about where you live, find the good. Find the beauty even if it’s small. Train yourself to only say positive things about your surroundings. Pretty soon you won’t have a negative thing to say.

Where do you live and what do you love about it?

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