Welcome to 2018, Your Most Successful Year Yet

I love the first week of a new year. It is filled with rushed excitement trying to get everything done to ensure that your year starts off on the right foot. At least we are all hoping to start our year off on the right foot. It is also the time to hit the reset button from last year. Maybe you didn't accomplish everything that you wanted last year, well now here's your chance! It was this thought that had me thinking of our theme for this month: Do You, Not New. 

This genius phrase came to me (or I read it somewhere) as I had procrastinated to right this post even though I told myself that this year would be different. I am supposed to be ahead of the curve, not pushing the deadline per usual. Then I realized that that's just who I am. Of course, I am working hard to fix some of these annoying "flaws" that I see in myself, but only because I know that they will better my future. Because this is going to be my most successful year. And yours too!

I am so full with annoying optimism that 2018 is going to be the best year yet. Here are few things that I am doing this week to set the tone for 2018: 

Reviewing My Resolutions

Even if you didn't make actual resolutions, I am sure that you do have some goals to reach in 2018. This is the time to ensure that your plan for the year is underway, or that you are making one if you haven't yet. Having a plan or guideline will help you track your progress throughout the year and keep you on track. You can check out this post on how I created my plan for the year.

Organizing My Workspace

This is a big one. I have been saying for years that I am going to be organized one day. I even bought Marie Kondo's book on decluttering! (I have only skimmed the book but I will let you know my thoughts on it when I have actually read and utilized it.) But this week I am going to completely organize my office so that I have a peaceful place to work. It is extremely hard for me to work in clutter so it is important to knock this off the list during the first week of the year. 

Enjoy The Process

Isn't it so easy to get bogged down in the day to day details of what you may think is a monotonous life? I know that it is for me. That is why a big goal for me this year is to really enjoy each and every single day. Even if it's just filled with shipping packages, writing blog posts and eating frozen pizza! Every day is precious, let's not forget it. 

What are you doing to start your year off right? What are your goals/resolutions for 2018? I hope that you feel as optimistic as I do about how great 2018 is going to be. 


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