How to Power Through Your Current Slump

How to Power Through Your Current Slump

Last night I was sitting on my couch, looking at the MASSIVE mess I had made in our living room this week trying “organize” inventory, and thinking that organization must be one of those mythical phenoms that people whisper about in dark corners but that nobody has ever actually seen. HA!

I looked over at my ever-patient husband sitting among all of this chaos and realized I couldn’t be happier. Every so often over the past six months I will voice this observation to Michael or a friend. Each time we reminisce about the past and the mistakes that were made, and every single time I realize that I wouldn’t be where I am right now if it wasn’t for every single one of those moments.

I also recognize that it took me a LONG time to get here. I spent a little over two years running a business that made me miserable. Before that I spent countless days, months, years in relationships (romantic and friendships) that brought out the worst in me. Looking back, I can see where my missteps were, but I’ve always been one of those people that need to learn things the hard way. I don’t think I would have listened to someone’s advice unless I was really ready to hear it. So, if you’re ready to hear it, let me share with you a few things that I learned along the way, because sharing is caring and I wish someone would have helped a girl out A LOT sooner!

Keep Perspective.

Above all else, this is the most important. What do you want your life to look like? What kind of relationship do you want? What kind of friends do you want? What are your career goals?

Whether you’re driven by your career or your relationships, write them out and then work towards them. As cheesy as this sounds, create a vision board. On the board write down or place pictures of everything that you want in life. Then create a plan on how you will achieve each goal. I wish I would have thought to do this in my early twenties. My passion in life is my career. I work 12-16 hours every single day because it is important to me and I really enjoy it, now. I know where I want to be in my life and everyday I follow the plan that I have laid out to achieve my career goals.

Make Small Changes:

  • Take time Every. Single. Day for yourself.

    • Do you have a hobby? Work on it. Or start one. Read a book. Do an at-home facial. Take a bath. Whatever it is, take at least 20 minutes every day for yourself. Be selfish, it’s fun. My “me” time is playing Sudoku on my phone. Every once in awhile I actually have to delete the app because I get so sucked in!

  • Write down everything that is going “wrong” and then prioritize them.

    • I love this one because once you have everything written down, you’ll realize that some of your “problems” really aren’t problems. Or you’ll realize that some of your problems can be easily solved. And for the one’s that aren’t easily solved, seek help. People love the feeling of helping other people. I promise you, they do.

  • Call/Text someone -- Make human connections.

    • Isn’t it so easy to go a week without talking to another human, especially when you work from home! I have a friend who calls me every other week just to see what’s new and I love it. Sometimes I’ll forget to reach out to others or I’ll put it off until I’m not “busy”. Which is never because we’re all busy living.

  • Don’t work on weekends.

    • If you’re feeling like your home life is being neglected then dedicate your weekends to being home with your family or friends.

  • Work on weekends.

    • If you’re feeling like you’re financially strapped then work on weekends. Small sacrifices do need to be made in order to achieve the life that you want. I work every single day. On weekends I only work about half of each day but I still work.

  • Stop and smell the roses.

    • You can work 12-18 hour days and still take 5 minutes to appreciate the wonder that is this world. Really stop and take a look around at the beauty surrounding you. It’s awesome.

  • Workout

    • I know, I know. I’m not a huge workout fan either. But a 15 minute walk every day can really change your mood. Just do it.

Drastic Changes:

  • Quit your job.

    • Closing The Boot Rack storefront was probably the most nerve-wracking thing I have ever done, and I’ve been to a war zone. I felt like I was letting an entire community down, and a lot of those people let me know that they felt that way too. But at the end of the day, I did what was best for me. Letting your job make your life miserable is not worth it. It’s just not. Until you find your “dream” job, find a job that is at least less stressful and demanding.

  • End your soul-sucking relationship… Even if it’s with a friend or relative.

    • How many times had you found “the one” before you actually found the one? For me it was at least three times. And every time, I knew deep down in my soul that these were not the relationships for me. I just didn’t want to be honest with myself. Think of all of the months I could have back if I would’ve been honest with myself. Same goes with friendships and your relatives. Just because you didn’t choose them initially, doesn’t mean you can’t cut ties now. After all, a toxic relationship is a toxic relationship no matter what form it comes in.

  • Get out and travel.

    • I grew up in a town of 530 in rural Nebraska. 99% of the population was white and shared the same religion. Everyday we all did the same things, there was barely any crime and everyone was pretty cordial to each other. Then I joined the Marine Corps and started travelling the world and discovered so many fascinating things. Like food, people, culture, fashion, etc. It completely opened my eyes to how big this world is. Sometimes the answer to your slump is to just get out and go experience somebody else’s world.


Don’t forget, your journey is yours alone. Do not compare yourself to someone else. Today, right now, this second is part of the journey. You are living right now-- don’t waste this moment. And guess what, you are the only person that can determine if a moment is “wasted”. You get to write your own definitions in life, because this life is yours and yours alone.

I hope at least one of these tips helps you, even if it’s in a small way. What are some tips you have used?

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