Mini Vacation: Kansas City

Mini Vacation: Kansas City

Have the past six weeks been the most stressful for everyone else.. or was that just me? Even if you're not part of the farming community, harvest time always seems to be hectic and tiresome. While Michael has been harvesting and moving cows home for the winter, I have been tirelessly trying to organize our house, both of our businesses and my sanity! All I've seem to have done is create chaos in our house. Why does it always seem like you have to create a disaster in order to get organized? 

A few weeks ago I purchased Marie Kondo's book because I am getting serious about purging all of the chaos and negativity out of my life. The problem is, it is very overwhelming work. BUT, I will let you know how it goes once I am done! Because I am determined to finish. 

Anyway, Michael and I always like to plan a little vacation after harvest to regroup ourselves and our lives after all of the running around. Earlier this week we spent a few nights in KC and it was so perfect. It's just nice to go away and refresh your body and mind, especially right before the holidays. Yesterday, when we got home, I was ready to conquer all of my tasks. I'll keep you updated on how those go, ha! 

Here are our KC tips for a night or two away: 

Where to stay: 

The first thing I do when I know that we are going somewhere is find the perfect place to stay. I am really into a good hotel lately, but Airbnb is always a great option. These are two of my favorites in KC at the moment: 

The Raphael: Perfectly located next to Country Club Plaza and has live jazz each night in their restaurant. Does the atmosphere get any better than that? 

Ambassador Hotel: Located downtown, The Ambassador is so chic and their restaurant is to die for. We spent most of this trip eating and drinking there! 

What to do: 

Shopping is always number one on  my list of things to do. Kansas City has great shopping whereever you go, plus so much more!

Country Club Plaza: I love shopping here because the design is to die for. No details were spared when designing the Plaza and you won't regret visiting this place.

Go to the movies: This is something that you take for granted until you don't have it anymore. We love going to the movies... when there's something good playing. We especially love going to the movies when they offer reclining seats and booze! I definitely recommend finding a theater that offers that. 

Catch a game: Kansas City has the Royals and the Chiefs, if you're into sports. Going to a live game is always a fun way to spend the day or night. 

Union Station: There's just something about old train stations that makes you feel nostalgic. Union Station has events going on throughout the year, art exhibits and great food. It's definitely a must-see.

Where to eat: 

The Peanut: Go here and get the wings. You won't regret it. They are the best wings that I have ever had, hands down. Just trust me on this one. Also, order a Dunkel to wash down your wings. 

Reserve KC: This restaurant is located inside The Ambassador Hotel. The food and drinks are outstanding and the atmosphere is so fun. You'll want to recreat the bar in you're own house, or maybe that's just me. 

Jack Stack BBQ: You can't go to KC without getting bbq. Jack Stack's is my favorite place to go. 

What are your favorite things to do in KC? I'm always looking for a good recommendation! 

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